Special PC builds, and one of a kinds by ThatPaulGuy

Below are some of my most recent PC builds. I’ll be doing more soon, so remember to check back often.

Several of these can also be found on the YouTube Channel, with specific videos being labeled below. These are primarily mid range and budget builds as a reminder that even a lower cost option can look great and perform well.

Feature PC Builds

Latest video on Traffic Cone

Latest Video on CoolBlue

CoolBlue – The Intel/DeepCool build

The XEON Surprise featuring the Intel E3-1270v3

Latest video for the Xeon build

Changes to Danny D – Now known as Danny DD, the upgraded Small Form Factor is the next go to PC for road trips.

Latest video on Danny DD

The Editing Rig (I Am Number Four).

Latest video on the editing rig

I Am Number Four (1st)
I Am Number Four (2nd)
I am Number Four (3rd)

The $500 Budget Gaming PC with parts that are readily available and inexpensive.

Latest video on the Budget Gamer

The Gaming Setup in the Living Room. An all AMD build focused on gaming.

Latest video on the Gaming Rig

4K Living Room pic
2nd 4K LR photo
3rd LR Photo

Danny D, the original version. The first iteration of my go to road trip PC.

Danny D needs some love.

Danny D 1
Danny D early pic
Danny D early

Ben’s Build. Sometimes you need more than one monitor, or two monitors, or three, or even four……and so on…

Building Ben’s PC

Chelsea’s PC. A little color may be a good thing. Then, maybe a lot of color can be a better thing.

Chelsea’s PC Video

Amy’s PC. A touch of pink without going all out.

Amy’s PC Video

Other infomation

New builds will be added from time to time, so feel free to check back.

I do a variety of builds and upgrades with a focus on mid range and budget PCs, for friends, small businesses, and of course, the You Tube channel. As business and demand grows, there will further examples to share.

Questions about builds or how to find more information about me here.